The Australian & New Zealand Scene
by John Fennell, with supplementary information by Derek Leach.

AA Commonwealth Badges.
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In the early days of the British Automobile Association the Secretary - Stenson Cooke - undertook a campaign to establish branches of the AA throughout the British Empire and beyond.  This was achieved with a fair degree of success.

Many of the badges used in Commonwealth countries were actually made in England hence they have the same basic pattern to the English types.  However, locally made badges were also issued in many countries.

The basic types consist of the flat electroplated brass badges that had AA fretted out as a design, the domed or convex types and the later square types.  The flat and convex badges generally had the wings on top like English badges.  However, in addition the wings were surmounted by a tablet containing the name of the country.

Flat badges were issued as long shank types, short shank and a smaller light car/motorcycle size.  The convex badges were made in two sizes.  Not all types exist for each country.  The following lists the badge issues to the best of my knowledge.  Those badges that I have photographs for are made clickable, this will then take you to the badge's image.

British Guiana, Burma, Cape/Kaap, Ceylon, Hong Kong, India (Delhi & Northern India), India, (Northern India), India (Southern India), Malaya, Natal, OFS/OVS, Queensland, Rhodesia, South Africa/Suid Afrika, Transvaal.

Australia (NSW), Australia (Queensland), Australia (RACWA), Australia (Victoria), Canada, (Maritime Provinces), Ceylon, East Africa (REAAA), India (Northern India), India (United Provinces), India (Upper India), India (Uttar Pradesh), India (Western India), Jamaica, Malaya, Newfoundland, NZ (Auckland Veteran Member), NZ (Auckland), NZ (Canterbury), NZ (Hawkes Bay), NZ (Manawatu), NZ (Marlborough), NZ (Nelson), NZ (North Island), NZ (Otago), NZ (Southland), NZ (South Island), NZ (South Taranaki), NZ (Wanganui), NZ (Wairarapa), NZ (Wellington), Rhodesia, Rhodesia (yellow infill), South Africa/Suid Afrika, West Pakistan (chrome and nickel), South Africa Committee Member.

FLAT - ROYAL AA with crown on top:
Australia (AASA large), Australia (AASA small), Australia (AASA yellow infill), Hong Kong, NZ (Canterbury), NZ (South Canterbury).

Ceylon, Malaya.

Barbados, Burma, Ceylon, Cyprus, East Africa (Kenya), East Africa (REAAA), Fiji, Guernsey, India (Southern India), India (Upper India), India (Uttar Pradesh), India (Western India), Jamaica, Jersey, Malaya, Malaya (M), Malaysia, Malaysia (Life Member), Mauritius, Nigeria, NZ (Auckland), NZ (Canterbury), NZ (Hawkes Bay), NZ (Manawatu), NZ (Marlborough), NZ (Nelson), NZ (North Otago), NZ (Otago), NZ (South Canterbury), NZ (Southland), NZ (Wairarapa), NZ (Wellington), NZ (without Province), Rhodesia, RSA, Singapore, Singapore (modified Malaya), South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suid Afrika, Togo, Trinidad, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

East Africa (REAAA), East Africa (Kenya), Guernsey, Jersey, Rhodesia, Singapore.

Barbados, Ceylon, Cyprus, East Africa, Fiji, Hong Kong (5 types), Ireland, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia (2 types), Malta, Nigeria, NZ (Auckland), NZ (Canterbury), NZ (Hawkes Bay), NZ (Manawatu), NZ (Nelson), NZ (New Zealand), NZ (North Otago), NZ (Otago 2 types), NZ (Otago Life Member), NZ (Otago Veteran Member), NZ (South Canterbury 2 types), NZ (South Taranaki), NZ (Southland), NZ (Wairarapa 2 types), NZ (Wanganui), NZ (Wellington), Singapore (4 types), Southern India, Upper India, Western India, Zambia, Zimbabwe. RAA Plus (South Australia).

Australia (Northern Territory about 4 types), Malaya States (tiger head badges), Malaya (AAM shield shaped), NZ (South Taranaki 75 Year), NZ (Wairarapa 75 Year), NZ (Wanganui 75 year), Rhodesia (AAR large and small), RSA (5 sided gold edge Life Member), RSA (5 sided star design Life Member), RSA (5 sided), Trinidad (AAT shield shaped), Zimbabwe (75 year badge), Australian AA 75th Anniversary, Royal Automobile Association 1959, AA Bangladesh, AA Sudan, AA Papua New Guinea (Two Types), AA Royal East African, AA first type of AA badge from South Africa (known as the Christmas Tree Badge), AA Penang Kedah (One of the Malayan tiger head types).