British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Albert Cars 1917-1928.  Speed Nymph.

Speed Nymph.  Bronze and either nickel or silver plated.  5" or 7" high marked with reg no.  It is thought Albert Cars used this Speed Nymph mascot and it was shown on a 1919 Olympia motor-show chassis.

This might have been correct but as far back as February 1917 here in the UK the first mascots known as The Speed Nymph was available from The North London Carrying Co Ltd, Small Yard, Fernhead Road Kilburn run by the owner Horace Wilton (see NLCC on this site.)

It was believed Mimi Lejeune of AEL fame was the originator of the Speed Nymph and according to an article written shortly after her death on the 22nd May 1977 by Denise Frostick entitled, The Life & Mascots of Madame Lejeune. (see extract from  The Autocar February 1917) on this site.

I have to say however that the American company of Louis V Aronson is widely recognised as being the first to have designed the crouching nude Speed Nymph around 1910.