Austrian Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Austro-Daimler 1899-1936.  Bow And Arrow In Circle.

Chrome plated Bow and Arrow in circle.  In 1899 the Vienna company, Bierenz Fischer and Co agree to build 100 Daimler cars per year under licence from the Germany manufacturer in Cannstatt.  Production was very poor from the new company Osterreichische Damimler Mortoren AG.

In 1903 Ferdinand Porsche took over as director with some new ideas for the company and introduced a couple of well made standard designs until his 1910 Prince Henry Tour winner of the same name, gave the company an international reputation and all links to the German firm were dropped and the cars officially took on the name Austro-Daimler in 1911.

During the first world war Austro-Daimler made military vehicles.  In 1925 Austro-Daimler became connected with Austro-Fiat, also of Vienna, then three years latter it merged with Puch-Werke to become Austro-Daimler Puchwerke.  By 1935 the company's six year association with Steyr-Werke, and because of the similarity between the two products, lead to the joint amalgamation as Steye-Daimler-Puch.  By the following year the Austro-Daimler name had disappeared.  Notice the right mascot, that one portrays the Steyr and Austro-Daimler alliance, after 1935 the arrow was removed from the centre of the circle and the name Steyr was put there in it place up to 1937.