Motoring Badges

Automobile Club of Southern California.

This 1920's badge was issued to members of the Automobile Club of Southern California.  Mascot Mania visitor Dennis Cagliero kindly provided the following information regarding the significance of the Good Roads slogan and the bell:

The ACSC - Auto Club Southern California - was first and foremost responsible for the roads leading from Northern California down to South America and all over California from around 1900 onward.

Good Roads was the motto because that was the main purpose of the club.  In fact, we started the original DMV you could say.  ACSC did road signs and members cleared roads for autos.  This fulfilled a great need at the time.  The bell is either the Bells that were found on some early cars instead of horns, and/or the Southern California "missions" type of thing, now more familiar to people back then.