British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Bentley 1921 to date.  Horizontal Winged B.

The Bentley letter B with horizontal wings was first shown at the 1923 Olympia Motor Show and were produced until 1931.  Two sizes were available, however it was found that the largest size was unsatisfactory due to cracking at the wing base.  Made by both Joseph Fray and A. E. Lejeune, either marked with Joseph Fray Ltd Birmingham or Joseph Fray Ltd B' Ham also AEL.  The mascots were cast in bronze and then either chrome or nickel plated.  Many reproductions are known.  Reproductions that I have seen carried poor markings, often Jos Fray 8' Ham.  I have yet to see one marked AEL.  Some of the very early original mascots were not marked.  Below the two top pictures are from original mascots and the bottom two pictures are from know reproductions.

The signatures above are examples that have been seen on known reproductions of this mascot.  As you can see, they are of very poor quality with bad engraving and/or stamping.