Glass Mascots

Breves:  Two of a wide range of mounting brackets offered.

These are copies of two styles of illuminated mounting brackets for Lalique glass ornaments that were available in the 1920s from Breves of Knightsbridge London.

The larger top mount was suitable for the following mascots:  Fox, Owl, Epsom, Vitesse, Peacocks Head, Rams Head, Guinea Hen, Double Mane Longchamp, Single Mane Longchamp, Large Dragonfly, Coq Houdan, Eagles Head, Chrysis, Cocks Head, Coq Nain, Falcon, Perche, Renard, Hibou.  Dimensions.  50mm high, 80mm outside top diameter.

Small mount:  Small Dragonfly, Sirene Opal, Swallow, Greyhound, Hawks Head, Archer, Boar, St Christopher, Comet, 5 Horses.  Dimensions, 44mm high, 60mm outside top diameter.