American Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Cadillac Motor Car Co. 1903 to date.  1930-32 Goddess.

Designed by William Schnell of Detroit Des Pat No 81,303.  Goddess, produced from 1930 to 1932.  Made from die-cast zinc and chrome plated.  Many of these mascots were cast and polished by W. D. Allen of Chicago for The Stant Manufacturing Co Connersville USA who supplied many hood ornaments to General Motors.

The mascot is marked on the clamshell base, Design Patent 81303 and also serial number on underside by base of 04987, I have also come across these with another serial number of 05372 in the same place, I don't know if one applies to the Cadillac and one to the LaSalle.  The ornaments are held in place by one single American 5/16"-18 thread size bolt.

The cap is also marked on the underside, The Stant Manufacturing Company of Connersville, Indiana, with a part number C-3196.  and marked on the cap base.  Many reproductions of this mascot are known, most have a two bolt fixing and no markings.