American Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Chevrolet Motor Co. 1911 to date.  Chevrolet Quota Trophy Plane.

Spirit of St.Louis with a Goddess of Victory draped in laurel leaves as she flies beneath the plane.  This mascot represented the American aviator Charles Lindbergh who flew his Ryan monoplane for 33.5 hours covering a distance of over 3,600 miles from New York to Paris and in so doing won a prize of $25,000 offered by the Frenchman Raymond Orteig for being the first man to fly the Atlantic non-stop.  These mascots were known as Chevrolet Quota Trophy Planes and represented Charles Lindbergh's amazing achievement and were offered as incentives to salesmen working for the Chevrolet Company who over a month managed to meet their sales targets or even bettered them.