American Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Isotta - Fraschini USA Imports 1925-1935.  Winged Man.

An Isotta - Fraschini hood ornament, as fitted to the expensive and immense Type 8A/8ASS of 1925-1931 also the 8B of 1931-1935.  This car was Italy's intended rival to the Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz limousines of that time.  The marque built up a strong reputation for racing with a number of notable successes, particularly in the USA, which provided the foundation for their sales success in that country.  Film stars, celebrities, business tycoons of the day all hurried to buy themselves the prestigious and luxurious Isotta - Fraschini.

This is the larger version of the Winged Man - which is the name normally used in the USA, however it is more commonly known as The Spirit Of Triumph.  It stands some 8 inches high and made from bronze, with a nickel plated finish.  Marked F-BAZIN.  Some are also numbered along the side.  They were fitted as an optional extra on vehicles imported into the USA.  This one is also showing a correct 1920s American Boyce Motometer.