American Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Crawford Automobile Co. 1922-1927.  Diving Helmet.

Divers Helmet, was produced from 1922 to 1927 as standard equipment on the Dagmar.  Fitted with a motometer, the slotted window would have read Dagmer.

This mascot was of a unique design as it housed a lighting arrangement controlled by a switch on the dashboard.  The mascot was also sold as an accessory and among other companies it was also used by Checker Cabs in 1929 on their Taxis, notice the window now reads Checker.

Nickel plated brass with red and green lenses, later ones chrome plated.  Patented on the 27 Nov 1923 by:  Otto L Bihlmireand produced by:  Gidelite MFG. Co Chicago, ILL.