Accessory Mascots

Contributed by Dan Smith.

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About this contribution:

World renowned author and mascot collector Dan Smith has made a large and generous contribution to Mascot Mania.  Dan is the author of the well-known mascot reference book:  Accessory Mascots.  The Automotive Accents of Yesteryear 1910-1940.  It is safe to say that Dan's book provides an essential reference guide for those serious about mascot collecting.  I recommend it highly.

Dan's contribution of over five hundred photographs has added enormously to Mascot Mania.  Whilst building this area I have seen mascots I never knew existed!  I'm sure you will find Dan's area a revelation to the sometimes bizarre world of accessory mascots!

Dan would like to point out that he feels, within reason, anything that someone made to put on their radiator cap was a mascot to that person.  Which is why he chose to collect accessory rather than factory mascots.  He doesn't want anyone to think that any accessory mascot which wasn't produced by a factory can't be called a mascot.  All of Dan's pieces were a mascot to someone at sometime.

Dan's section is separated into individual categories, much like the main accessory mascot section of the site.  Selecting a category from the drop-down box on this page will take you to a sub-menu, then you can choose individual mascots within the category.

Also available from the drop-down box is a short text which tells of Dan's love affair with the world of the automobile mascot.

Mascot Mania is proud to showcase a large selection from Dan's accessory mascot collection.