Accessory Mascots
by collector & author Dan Smith.

Airplane Mascots:  V1 - Doodlebug.

The German V1 - or Doodlebug - unmanned flying bomb.  Powered by a crude pulse-jet type engine and launched from France in Hitler's failed attempt to destroy London during WW II.

British fighters could fly a little faster, which made shooting down the V1 fairly easy.  To save on valuable ammunition it was discovered that if a pilot could get close enough to a V1 and tip its wing with his fighter's it sent the bomb into an uncontrollable nose dive,  destroying it!

The V1's replacement - the V2 - however, was a different kettle of fish.  Powered by a larger rocket engine it could easily out run any fighter.  However, most of Hitler's ammunition and fuel dumps had been destroyed by the latter part of the war, preventing the V2's introduction.