Accessory Mascots
by collector & author Dan Smith.

Personality Mascots:  Ned Kelly.

I'm sure this very rare and interesting mascot was never a production piece.  In the late 1800's there was an Australian outlaw called Ned Kelly.  After being on the run from the police for a long time, they finally cornered him in a farmer's barn.  He put some metal plates around his body and a bucket over his head with eye holes cut into it.  Then, with a gun in each hand, he came running out of the barn firing at the police.  He was finally killed.  There has been a book written about this and also a movie starring Mick Jagger - the lead singer of The Rolling Stones - as Ned Kelly.

On the top of the cap it is marked U.S.S. Knox FF 1052., Ned Kelly, Mean as an old snake.  The piece is quite old, but I can't tell you anymore about it.  Because of the history, this is a very rare and unique mascot which I am extremely happy to own.