Accessory Mascots

Advertising Mascots:  Speed God In Wheel.

Speed God in Wheel, produced in 1925.  Originally designed in France as advertising for the Dunlop Tyre Company and known as 'En Prise Directe', Man riding wheel.  The base is signed Coffin along one side & AEL on the other, not so often found are the ones with Pneus Dunlop along the top of the tyre.

This is an old AEL pattern which is still made today.  The pattern has the sculptors name Coffin, but I have no information about him.  I believe Louis Lejeune Ltd. are the only company who made this model.  Some are found with the word 'Lotti' along one side and AEL on the other, this may be an over polished or re-polished 'Coffin'.