American Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Hudson Motor Car Co. 1918-1932.  Terraplane 8 Griffin.

Terraplane 8 Griffin, produced in 1933.  Made in die-cast zinc and chrome plated.  Manufactured by Jarvis.  Marked Jarvis 1716 101945 and also marked Avard Fairbanks, 1932 along the side of the base.  The larger Hudson eight griffin has the number 101945 1733.

The first Griffins were in fact cast in Toledo USA at the Doehler Die Casting.  Doehler was the major caster of American hood ornaments in the 1900s through to the mid 1930s.  The name Avard Fairbanks refers to a famous American sculptor, several books have been published showing his work.  Doehler and Jarvis merged in 1946.