Fakes and Reproductions

Some of the fakes and reproductions are now being offered as originals by unscrupulous dealers around the world.

Use the drop-down box to choose any of several thumbnail pages. From these you can select individual mascots. The thumbnails are arranged with a grid reference, please quote the thumbnail page number, and the individual mascots grid reference in any correspondence.

Some of the fakes and reproductions now being offered as originals.

All the mascots and accompanying signatures in this section are known fakes, unless otherwise stated; they have mostly come from America and France.

Luckily most of these are very poor and very easy to spot - and are mostly offered on Ebay, country auctions, boot fairs and autojumbles, usually with misleading information. If you are in doubt, just take your suspect purchase to a reputable auction house like Bonhams or send an Email to me and I can happily advise you.