Glass Mascots

Some of the many glass mascots available to collectors:

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Glass mascots:

Glass mascots are often placed in the same category as metal accessory mascots.  They came in many shapes, styles and sizes from a number of designers, artists and sculptors.

The name Rene Lalique is probably the one most people attribute to glass mascots.  In 1925 he designed and produced the first glass car mascot for the French Citroen company.  This mascot was used on their 5CV model and came in the form of five horses.

He went on to design and produce a further 28 glass mascots.  Today, pieces of original Lalique can command many thousands of pounds/dollars.

Rene Lalique was not alone in the field of glass mascot design, there were several companies producing glass mascots at around the same time.  Some of the more familiar being:

Red-Ashay, Great Britain; Warren-Kessler, Great Britain; Ernest Marius Sabino, Paris, and the Corning Glass Co., of New York.