Accessory Mascots

Devils & Imps.  Gobbo - God Of Good Luck.

Gobbo was born in March 1909 at Louis V. Aronson's Art Metal works in Newark, New Jersey.  Louis V. Aronson's Gobbo was the first recognized American vehicle mascot and was produced in three sizes:  7.2cm for bikes, 9.5cm for cars and 11.5cm for trucks.

Louis V. Aronson formed the Art Metal works in New York in 1886 and in 1887 moved to Newark, New Jersey.  In 1910 he produced the first Speed Nymph mascot, also in 1910 the company produced its first cigarette lighter and from that date they gradually moved towards producing smoking related items.  The company later changed its name to the Ronson Corporation, which is still thriving today.

Some of the phrases attributed to this smiling character were:  The smiling god of good fortune.  The original divinity of optimism, whose cheerful countenance bring good luck and happy days to all who observe this rule of life.  Be cheerful and you will be rich in everything.

Shown here is a rare, complete set of all three Gobbo mascots.  Their condition is conducive with their 93+ years of age, with most of the gilt finish having been polished off over the years.

Each mascot carries the oval copyright stamp as shown.  It reads:  "Copyright By L.V. Aronson March 1909".  The single word "Copyright" is also stamped on the large and small mascots, in addition to this oval stamp.

The medium sized (car) mascot carries the phrase "I'm Gobbo God Of Good Luck".