Contributed by John & Henri Boggs.

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About this contribution:

John A. Boggs Jr. and his wife Henrietta (she goes by Henri) have contributed generously to Mascot Mania.  Their section is unique as it is not an extension to the sites original mascot and badge areas.  With this in mind I have added a link on the main navigation panel to the left of the screen.  Clicking on the motometers button will take you directly to John and Henri's motometer pages.

If you wish to read John and Henri's text articles, including a short biography complete with photographs, you can select these from the drop-down box on this page.  Any future work by John and Henri will also be accessible from here.

In my opinion John and Henri have one of the finest collection of motometers to be found anywhere!  They have some wonderful, rare and unusual pieces in their collection.  A collection that includes motometer literature, packaging and even a very rare display sign!

Mascot Mania is proud to have just a small part of their collection available for you to browse.  I would like to thank John and Henri for their contribution, which I feel provides an enjoyable and informative section within Mascot mania.