The Australian & New Zealand Scene
by John Fennell, with supplementary information by Derek Leach.

About Me - A Short Biography.
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I (John) have always been a collector.  However I did not get the "Automobilia Illness" until relatively recently!

About twelve years ago I had a 1962 Austin Healey 3000 and wanted to put a few badges on a badge bar on the car.  I picked up an English AA and RAC badge, however being a British National and having Citizenship of both New Zealand and Australia, I decided that I needed some Australian and NZ badges too  The badge bar wasn't big enough, so some badges went on a badge board.  It was at that point the trouble started!

The collection starts to grow:

I then decided that I would like to build up a good collection of RAC & AA badges from the UK, Australia (all States) and New Zealand (all Provinces) and wanted to get at least one badge from as many different countries as possible.  I restricted myself to the Service Clubs and didn't get into the Enthusiast Club badges.  I now have just over a thousand badges.  However, with most cars no longer having bumper bars or grilles, the Clubs are ceasing to produce the badges.  I am pleased I built my collection when I did.  I am still looking for badges from Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Viet Nam, IndoChina, Suriname, Aden, British Guiana and many other countries.

The badge collecting extended to collecting the actual car name badge from the bonnets, radiators and nosecones of cars.  I am very keen on veteran and vintage badges but also like the badges from sports and racing cars.  In my collection I now have around eight hundred, which means there are still thousands I don't yet have!

Some of my other collecting passions:

Mascots are also a passion but my collection is limited by budget constraints.  I mostly like the factory mascots, but I also enjoy the better known accessory types.

I collect the metal country ID plates (ovals) but these seem to be harder to track down than badges, perhaps because there are few people silly enough to collect these.  I also collect the brass car body plates, enamelled dealer dashboard plaques, oil company and RAC/AA hat/lapel badges, number plates and enamel signs.  Cash and space are now the greatest limiting factors.  I was collecting two-gallon petrol cans, but now only collect the branded brass caps from these as they take up far less room!