Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Car Mascots

Some of the many artists, makers and suppliers there have been over the years:


ALONZA, D.  Active in France in the 1920s.

ARNOLD, HENRY.  Designer of figureheads for Susse Freres in the early 1920s, working in the Art Nouveau style.

ARONSON, L. V.  American artist who produced figureheads prior to the First World War.  In 1909 he designed the first mascot to be commercially available in the USA.

ASHAY, RED.  Prominent British maker of illuminated glass figureheads in the 1920s.

BAIRNSFATHER, BRUCE.  Creator of the Old Bill character during the First World War.  Designed figureheads of Old Bill in 1918.

BAZIN, F.  Important French mascot artist of the 1920s, including the Spirit of Triumph, one of the most popular mascots of the period for expensive cars.

BECQUEREL.  Artist working in Paris in the mid 1920s.

BERTIN.  French maker working in the 1920s.  Produced somewhat whimsical figures.

BOURDELLE, EMILE ANTOINE.  Commissioned by the Packard Motor Company in 1927 to sculpture the Adonis figurehead.

BREVES LIMITED.  London.  Importers of Lalique glass.  Active from 1926.

BUEHRIG, GORDON.  USA.  Motor stylist and designer of the 1935 Auburns, including the mascots.  Also designer of Duesenbergs.

CAMUS, R.  Active in France in the 1920s.

CORAM, W. G.  Bristol, UK.  Active in late 1920s.

DAREL.  French artist of the early 1920s.

DESMO LIMITED.  Birmingham, UK (later Brierley Hill, Staffs, UK).  Founded 1922.  Since 1926 a member of the Harris & Sheldon Group Limited.  Mascots designed by George Seymour - founder of I.M.A. Limited - who manufacture for Desmo.  Desmo mascots continued production into the mid 1960s, although supply problems meant they received little or no publicity.

DOEHLER DIE CASTING.  Toledo USA, Was the major caster of American hood ornaments in the 1900 up till the 1930s.Doehler bought out Jarvis in 1946, to form the Doehler Jarvis Co. The casting logo was changed to A J superimposed over A D. Prior to 1946 Doeheler made the castings and sold them to Jarvis who did the final finishing work.

DUNHILLS LIMITED.  London.  Active in the late 1920s.


ELKINGTON.  Long established maker of Sheffield Plate, who also produced motor mascots.

ELLIS.  Artist working for A. E. Lejeune in the 1920s.

ETIENNE & CIE.  London.  Active in the late 1920s.

ETLING.  Paris.  Mascot manufacturer active in the 1920s, including figures in glass.

FAIRBANKS AVARD.  Famous American sculptor and designer of many hood ornament of the 1920 and 1930s, Several books have been published on his works.

FLORMAN.  New York.  Manufacturer of figureheads.

FRAY LIMITED, JOSEPH.  Birmingham, UK.  Maker of the 1927 Vauxhall figureheads.

GEM MANUFACTURING CO.  Chicago, USA.  Active from the 1930s.  Makers of many alternative ornaments for the US market, also the originators of the Magic Glow illuminated ornaments still in production today.

GlRAND-RIVIERE, M.  French artist active in the early 1920s.

GOURAUR, M.  Active in Britain in the 1920s.

GOURSAL.  French designer of the 1930s.

GUILLAUME, A.  Active in France in the 1920s, noted for sporting figures.

HANSAFRAY.  German maker of stylised figureheads in the 1920s.

HASELER & SON LIMITED, C.  Birmingham, UK.  Active in the late 1920s.

HASSALL, JOHN.  British artist who produced mascots before the First World War, noted for making humorous figures.

I.M.A. LIMITED.  Birmingham, UK.  See Desmo Limited.

JARVIS.  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.  Made hardware for the auto industry and also finished off pre cast ornaments they purchased from Doehler.

JENKS LIMITED, H.  London.  Active in the late 1920s.


KESSLER, WARREN.  British glass maker also producing mascots.

KNOWLES, ARTHUR.  Willenhall, UK.  Active in the late 1920s.



LEJEUNE, LOUIS.  Born 1908 The son of original founders, he steered the firm through difficult times after the 2nd WW until his death in 1969.

LOTTI.  Worked in the 1920s for Etablissements Marvel, France.

MARTEL, JOHL AND JAN.  Early mascot designers.  The brothers were commissioned to produce the Flying Wedge figurehead for Sizaire.

MARVEL.  France.  Active in the 1920s.

MAUREL, L.  French artist active before the First World War, specialising in animal figures.

MAY, VERNON.  Designer for British manufacturer Elkington in 1907.

MERCIER, E. T.  French humorous mascot artist of the 1920s.

METCALF, PERCY.  Designed car mascots in the 1930s.  Also designed the George Cross medal in 1940.

MODEL.  French glass manufacturer producing figureheads.

MOTOR ACCESSORIES.  London.  Active in the late 1920s.

NORTH LONDON CARRYING COMPANY.  London.  Active in the late 1920s.

OTTAVY, ELIE.  Artist active in France in the 1920s.

PRIDE AND CLARKE.  London.  Active in the figurehead field around the late 1920s.

REGNO.  Producer of mascots in Britain in the 1920s.

RENEVEY, A.  British artist active in the 1920s, specialising in sporting figures.

ROGE, A.  French artist active in the early 1920s.

ROSSI ENGlNEERING COMPANY.  Eastbourne, UK.  Active in the 1930s.  Makers of expensive, high quality figureheads.

RUBINO, EDOARDO.  Italian mascot artist of the 1920s.  Famous for several municipal statues.

RUFFONY.  French sculptor in the mid 1920s and 1930s.

SABINO, E.M.  A Parisian glass manufacturer, noted for ornaments made from milky-white glass.

SASPORTAS.  French humorous mascot maker active in the 1920s.


SEYMOUR, GEORGE.  Designer of figureheads for Desmo Limited and head of I.M.A. Limited.

SMITH & SONS LIMITED.  London.  Active in the late 1920s.

SOETE, PIERRE DE.  Belgian artist active in the early 1920s.  Designer of the Minerva mascot.

STANT.  Connersville, USA.  Maker of figureheads in the 1930s.

STUDDY, GEORGE ERNEST.  Born on the 23rd of June 1876 at the family house in Devonport, Plymouth, England.  Studdy was the creator of the cartoon dog Bonzo, which later became a popular car mascot.  He died in 1948.

SUSSE FRERES.  Paris Foundry.  Makers of mascots in the late 1920s.

SYKES, CHARLES.  Designer of the Spirit of Ecstasy figurehead for Rolls Royce.

TERNSTEDT.  Detroit, Mich. USA.  Manufacturers of figureheads in the 1930s.

VERRIER, M LE.  French artist active in the 1920s.

VERSCHNEIDER, JEAN.  Active in France before 1914.

WILMOT BREEDEN LIMITED.  Birmingham, UK.  Makers of calormeters, bumpers and ornamentation for a number of production cars.