Belgium Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Minerva Cars 1899-1939.  Minerva With Griffin On Helmet.

The bust of Minerva, Roman Goddess of Wisdom was used by the Dutch Minerva Car Company as their official car mascot.  The mascot was designed by the Belgian sculptor Pierre de Soete  1885-1948.  Sadly, most mascots found today have been stripped of their original nickel or chrome plated finish and have been widely reproduced in recent years.

This one is known as Minerva with a griffin on the helmet.  Produced from 1925 to 1937 and signed Soete and stamped to base P D S.  Used on models 32/34, 30 & 16hp, AK, AF, AD, AM and first AL.

This was a prize winning design in the 1921, Salon de L' Automobile mascot competition.  I'd like to thank Douglas De Mulder for sharing pictures of his fine collection, of which this is one, with Mascot Mania.