French Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Peugeot Cars 1891 to date.  Lion, 1925.

The first Peugeot vehicle was produced in 1891 and fitted with a rear-mounted V-twin Daimler engine.  It wasn't until 1906 that Robert Peugeot turned his attention away from motorcycle production and started manufacturing cars under the Lion-Peugeot name.  From that day the image of a Lion was adopted by the Peugeot group as symbol of combat and success, this image has been carried throughout their range of vehicles in one form or another ever since.

This c1925 car mascot is the largest of three similar designs, and this large mascot - in my opinion - is easily the most impressive.  It measures an impressive 5.75" high by 6.25" long.

The piece is cast in solid bronze and stamped by the founder F. Camus Paris.  It also carries the signature of the French sculptor M. Marx to the base.  Both of these stamps can be seen in the bottom right photograph above.  The Paris foundry was noted for its better quality of finish, especially to the larger bronzes, and this one is no exception.  It is showing a good, honest patina that only 70 plus years can achieve on such a fine piece of motoring history.