Motoring Badges

RAC Full Member's Badge - 1907 Version.

This badge was approved by King Edward VII and first used in 1907, at this time the club received Royal patronage and became known as the Royal Automobile Club.

This is an example of the rare split wing, and dates early November 1907.  Manufactured in polished brass by Elkington & Co Ltd of Birmingham.  This has the rare oblong base and square extended foot-mounting bracket.

Rated as one of the finest of all the RAC badges it stands 7 inches high and is marked to the rear Elkington Co Ltd, 22 Regent Street S W.  A London showroom address and also has the registered design number to the side along with the issue number too the front.

The badge design is of a hollow brass construction, consisted of a crowned motor wheel - with a bust of Edward VII in the centre - supported by the torso of Mercury.  On the reverse there is an enamelled Union Jack centre.  It was designed that when mounted on the motor car, the Kings Head should always be displayed to the front.  When the car was travelling abroad, the Union Jack should be proudly displayed to the front.  Hence the expression 'Showing the Flag'.

A similar version of this badge, but with the Queen's crown, is still issued to full members.