Glass Mascots

Red-Ashay:  Signed Chrome Mounting Bracket.

A 1928-1939 Red-Ashay signed chromed metal mounting bracket.  It has the full Red-Ashay patent number plus Patent Applied For All Over The World under the base, and a trade logo.  It is complete with the internal coloured filters, plus registration number on the bulb socket.

This mount would have been most suited to some of the larger Red-Ashay glass mascots, like the Kneeling Nude.  Red-Ashay was the trade name for the H.G. Ascher Company of Acomb Street, Manchester.  From 1928 to 1939 they produced a range of thirty glass mascots to rival Lalique's range.  This mounting bracket measures 600mm high, however it is missing the propeller that spins the shaft that hold the colour filleted inside the base above the light.