The Australian & New Zealand Scene
by John Fennell, with supplementary information by Derek Leach.

Some Useful Reference Books:

The books below represent a good selection to have in your reference library.  Most are listed with their ISBN number.  Some of these books are now quite old and may no longer be available to purchase.  Second-hand book shops are good places to look.

Card, P.----Motor-Car Mascots and Badges.
Shire Publications. ISBN 0-7478-0117-7.

Gardiner, G. and Morris, A.----The Price Guide & Identification of Automobilia.
Antique Collectors Club. ISBN 0-907462-15-4.

Jewell, B.----Motor Badges & Figureheads.
Midas Books. ISBN 0-85936-062-8.

Kay, D. and Springate, L.----Automotive Mascots.
Veloce Publishing. ISBN 1-901295-42-7.

Legrand, M.----Mascottes Automobiles.
EPA Editions. ISBN 2-85120-421-1.

Martells, J.----Antique Automotive Collectibles
Contemporary Books. ISBN 0-8092-7205-9.

Smith, D.----Accessory Mascots
Privately published. ISBN 0-9623873-0-4.

Williams, W.C.----Motoring Mascots of the World.
Graphic Arts Centre & Robert Ames. ISBN 1-55868-043-8.

Georgano, G.N.----The Complete Encyclopedia of Motor Cars 1885-1969.
Ebury Press. (1968)

Nicholson, T.----Car Badges of the World.
Cassell. (1970)

Worthington-Williams, M.----Automobilia, A Guided Tour for Collectors.
Batsford/RAC. (1979)

Zahm, K.S.----Automobile Nameplates:
A fascinating collectible, in Collectible Automobilia Vol 1: May 1984.