British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Rolls-Royce Cars 1904 to date.  Phantom II Models.

Spirit Of Ecstasy, produced from 1929 to 1936.  Made from solid nickel but also bronze, which was either silver or chrome plated.  Various sizes were made.

Signed C. Sykes, R.R. Ltd.6.2.11.  Marked under the left wing with Reg. Us. Pat. Off. and under right wing with Trade Mark Reg.  This example was used on the Phantom II.

Spirit Of Ecstasy is the correct title for the Rolls-Royce mascot.  Created in 1911 by the board of directors of Rolls-Royce Ltd.  The idea being to overcome unseemly accessory mascots that were being fitted to their vehicles.  A well known English sculptor, Charles Sykes, was asked to design and produce a mascot befitting the grace of their motorcars.

It is said that Lord Montague's secretary - Miss Eleanor Thornton - posed for the model; but it is also claimed that the Spirit Of Ecstasy bears more than a slight resemblance to Mr. Sykes himself!

Rolls-Royce Cars Ltd. were so pleased that in 1920, they entered the world competition for the best automobile mascot, held in Paris and won first prize.

There was no prototype mascot made and Spirit Of Ecstasy is the longest lived motorcar mascot in history.

Virtually all are marked under the wings, left Reg. Us. Pat. Off. and right Trade Mark Reg.
Some of the very early mascots, and all from the 1950's onward, have no wing markings.

Mascots made up until 1929 are marked Rolls-Royce Ltd. Feb. 6. 1911, Charles Sykes.
After 1929 they are marked R-R Ltd 6-2-11 C. Sykes.  This later version was used until 1940.  From then on the mascots were unsigned and produced by Rolls-Royce at Crew.