British Factory Mascots

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Multiple factory mascots:

Whenever a manufacturer used more than one type of factory mascot you will get this sub-menu page.  From here you can select the various mascots that the manufacturer used from the drop-down box.

Some manufacturers used more than one style of mascot down the years.  These were often very similar to previous mascots used by the manufacturer, but could also be very different.

Manufacturers would often adopt a certain mascot as their official logo, but often they simply changed the style of mascot to be more in keeping with the vehicle it was intended for.

A manufacturer would sometimes take an existing mascot and give it an add-on, perhaps a badge or crest, to differentiate it between the various models produced.  Other times they may decide to plate the mascot in a different way.  Perhaps last year they used nickel plating, and this year they decided to switch to chrome plate.