Accessory Mascots

Aeroplanes:  S6 B Schneider Trophy.

Supermarine Rolls-Royce S6B winner of the International Schneider Trophy race and holder of the world's speed record.  These mascots were original produced by the British marker AEL and are still available on request from the company who have retained the original patent.  I don't know why some have the Rolls-Royce name on the bottom of the float and some on the top of the wings, it might also have been produced by another company under license.

The Supermarine S6B 1595 Schneider Trophy winner won the coveted Schneider Trophy outright in 1931 for Great Britain.  Later that year on the 29th September 1931 it captured the world absolute seed record at 407.5 M.P.H.  The pilot was Flight Lieutenant George Stainforth.  The Rolls-Royce engine used for these records were the precursors to the late Merlin and Griffon engines.  The contest for the Schneider Trophy ceased in 1931 and as Great Britain had won the trophy 3 times the trophy would remain in Britain.  This was Reginald Mitchell's final racing float plane he went on to design one of the worlds deadliest and most admired fighter the Supermarine Spitfire.