Search Help

Using the Mascot Mania search facility:

You can search for any word or words within the pages of Mascot Mania using the site's search facility.  Simply type your search word or words into the search box and press 'go'.

Your search can be controlled using one of the following options:

Any:  Returns pages containing any of your search word(s).

All:  Returns only the pages that contain all of your search word(s).

Fuzzy:  Is the same as an Any search but returns pages containing words that 'sound' similar to your search word(s).

Fuzzy is useful if you're not sure how to spell the word you are searching for. To get the best from a fuzzy search try to spell the word as it sounds.  For example, a fuzzy search on DEZMOW would return all the pages that contain DESMO.

The search engine is case insensitive, so DESMO would produce the same results as desmo.  Common words such as a, and, if, of, or, mascot, badge, Etc. are removed before a search.

If you perform an Any search on multiple words you may see All words found next to some of the results.  This informs you that all of the words you entered into the search box were found on that page.  Word order is not important in multiple word searches.

If a hyphenated search, such as ROLLS-ROYCE, produced no results try replacing the hyphen with a space.  If it still produces no results try the words individually and then finally you could try a fuzzy search.