Accessory Mascots

Celebrity Figures:  The Kid - Jackie Coogan.

The Kid, produced in the 1920's.  Made in bronze & silver plated.  Three versions were made, and they came in two sizes.  The larger size had an ivory face.

Designed by Jean Verschneider & signed J. Verschneider.  The mascot represents a golden age of classic cinema, in this instance the child star Jackie Coogan.

Jackie Coogan was born to vaudeville parents and was appearing on stage before he was four years old.  Charlie Chaplin spotted him one night and chose him for the role of The Kid.  Jackie was an immediate favourite of cinemagoers and went on to become one of the most popular child stars of all time.  As an adult he was best known for his role as Uncle Festus in The Adams Family.  He also appeared in the science fiction cult classic The Space Children, which featured several popular child stars of the late 1950's.