Accessory Mascots

Female Figures:  Whirled Along.

Whirled Along.  These unusual mascots were retailed in the 1920's initially by the famous British Motor Factors outlet A. J. Dew & Company.  and their history is a little chequered.

They were in production only for a short time.  This was due to Rolls-Royce having lodged a complaint that they bore too great a resemblance to the Charles Sykes designed Spirit of Ecstasy.  They said this was an infringement of their registered trademark.  Because of this, Whirled Along was subsequently withdrawn from production and sale withdrawn.

The alleged infringement was compounded by the fact that Whirled Along was available in two sizes - 7.0 ins. and 5.0 ins. - which corresponded with Rolls-Royce having commenced, for the first time, manufacturing two different sizes of mascot, due to the introduction of the new 20 h.p cars in 1922.  These were available as an alternative to the much larger 40-50 h.p. chassis.  This is the larger 7.0 ins, version, chrome over brass.  Reg Des to the base

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