French Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Hotchkiss 1903-1954.  Hotchkiss Cockerel.

1923 to 1925.  Hotchkiss Cockerel.  This mascot was only offered through the Hotchkiss agents and is a hard to find item today.  Signed A Cain, fondeur. Susse Freres edition Paris.

The disc on the front reads Hotchkiss Paris and featured two crossed cannons, entirely appropriate for a company that started life manufacturing munitions and only in 1903 did the company go on to produced its first vehicles.  This design as a badge continued right up until mid 1954 when they merged with Peugeot and Delahaye Cars.  When the production of cars ceased however, US-designed Jeeps and trucks were made up until the mid 1970s.