Accessory Mascots

Celebrity Figures:  Jean Harlow - Film Star.

1930s American mascot of Harlean Carpenter, later known as Jean Harlow.  She was born on March 3rd 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1930, movie producer and entrepreneur Howard Hughes became interested in Jean and cast her in Hell's Angels.  In Hell's Angels she spoke the now famous line, "Would you be shocked if I changed into something more comfortable?"  In 1935 she legally changed her name to Jean Harlow, her mother's maiden name.

Jean's health declined while filming Saratoga in 1937 and she was hospitalized with uremic poisoning and kidney failure, this being a result of the scarlet fever she had suffered during childhood.  Nothing could be done for her at that time and she died on June 7, 1937.  She was 26 years old.  The film was finished using long-shots of a double, Mary Dees.