Accessory Mascots

Male Figures:  1920s Man Against The Wind.

1920s Man against the wind by F Preiss.  This mascot depicts a man crouched in the wind, his cloak blown behind him, his arms outstretched behind with fists clenched.  Created by the renowned sculptor Ferdinand Preiss.  This 1920 example is finished in silvered bronze, also so found with a cold painted enamel finish.  Signed to the rear of the base F.Preiss.  Created with strong Art Deco design, by a true master of his craft.  A similar example is photographed and described in the Guiseppe Di Siriganano & David Sulzberger book 'Car Mascots, an Enthusiasts Guide' Page 60.  Also Page 344 in the 'Art Deco and other Figures' book by Bryan Catley.  An extremely rare find today.

History on Sculptor:  Johan Philipp Ferdinand Preiss was born in Erbach-Odenwald on 13th February 1882.  He studied in Paris and worked with professor Poertzel in Berlin.  He died of a brain tumour in 1943.  He is recognised as being one of the foremost Art Deco sculptors of the 20th Century, and this is the most famous car mascot that he designed at the height of his creative genius.  Dimensions: 135mm long, 70mm high.