Accessory Mascots

Advertising Mascots:  Magazine, Semaine de Suzette, Bécassine.

1927 Bécassine.  Silver plated over bronze or polished bronze, doll mascot with a movable porcelain head and cap, signed, Pinchon.  The character of Snipe was created in 1905 by the cartoon artist émile-Joseph Porphyre Pinchon and presented in the weekly French magazine Semaine de Suzette.  The first album in comic strip form appeared in 1913 with the Gauthier editions, Languereau.Les aventures.  It became an enormous success and now the dolls are collected world wide.  Pinchon, was a draughtsman, born 17/04/1871 in France, he died on the 20/06/1953.  For more information on Bécassine please visit this site: