British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Humber Cars 1899-1976.  Prancing Horse.

1930-35, Prancing Horse.  Two sizes, early ones nickel plated bronze, later ones Chrome plated zinc.  Used on the Pullman Limousine, Sedanca and Landaulette.  Humber was one of the oldest British car manufactures and was first established in 1867 by Thomas Humber.  The company original built bicycles however after being involved in the production of the three-wheel Pennington, Humber built its first car, a single cylinder 3.5 hp model that appeared in 1899.  Humber acquired commercial vehicle manufactures Commer Cars Ltd in 1926, and also took Hillman under its wing in 1928.  The company was hit by financial problems that were solved when the Roots Group took control in 1932.  Humber name disappeared in 1976, when Chrysler took over the group.