French Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Clément-Bayard 1903 - 1922. Knight Bayard.

1903 to 1922.  This none signed mascot was the trademark of the French car company Clément-Bayard and was based on the Knight Bayard, who saved the French town of Mézières in 1521.  Adolphe Clément was one of the first French people to become involved in the manufacturing of cars.  He made his first fortune making bicycles and pneumatic tyres.  In 1896 he started to make motorcycles and cars on a small scale.  He had an interest in the Gladiator company founded by Alexandre Darracq and his first cars were sold as Clément-Gladiators.  Adolphe Clément involved himself in all sorts of business deals and in doing so even lost the right to sell cars carrying his own name, so in 1903 the French company was renamed Clément-Bayard.  After the war things went the wrong way and in 1922 the Levallois-Perret factory was sold to Citroën company.  The factory based in Mézières had already been closed up for sometime when Adolphe Clément retired in 1914.