British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  British Salmson 1930-1950s.  1934 Salmson Warrior.

This is not a Salmson Warrior mascot, but an accessory one that was sold through Halford Motor accessory stores in the mid 1930s and known as the Gladiator, a true Salmson mascot is much the same in design however the shield is not round and also has the words Salmson and Shrimptone on it.  The Salmson 1934 brochure of over 37 pages, only two of the cars illustrated feature a factory Salmson Warrior mascot.  With the economic crash at the beginning of the 1930s, the importing of the French made Salmson cars into Britain ceased.  Production however continued at the British Salmson Aero Engine Co., close to the famous Wimbledon tennis court London.  The first model to be made in Britain was made in line with the French S4C chassis with a number of different bodies.  The S4C types were followed by the S4D S6D and S4E before the Second World War.  After the war there were no more Salmson cars manufactured.  The company closed down in the mid 1950s, the B.S.A.E. company buildings were converted into a parking area in the early 1970s.