Accessory Mascots

Female Figures:  1922 Speed.

1922, This 8.3/4 by 12.1/4 inch bronze, some silver plated mascot known as Speed. Speed was created by the American sculptor and artist, Harriet Whitney Frishmuth while working for a short time at Gorham Co New York City, she was employed by them modeling ashtrays, bookends, and small figures which they cast and sold.  These early pieces are highly sought after by collectors of fine art today.  It is said she designed only two mascots, the other being known as Winged Woman, I cannot however substantiate this.  She went on to produce large and in some cases full size bronzes from her stable to studio conversion off 36th St New York.  Harriet W Frishmuth was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1880 and died in 1980.