Accessory Mascots

Female Figures:  1920s Girl Holding Two Tyres.

Late 1920s, Art Deco bronze hood ornament made in the shape of a semi-nude female in typical Art Deco style.  She is holding two tyres in her hands that may have had ribbons attached for celebrated occasions, her eyes are closed and her hair resembles a helmet.  She would have had two wings attached to her upper-back, however these are missing on this example.  Although this work is not signed, it can be attributed to the renowned Austrian artist and sculptor Gustav Gurschner 1873 to 1970, because it was found in a private estate in Vienna that consisted only of his works.  Gurschner was not only a famed Art Nouveau artist; he was also quite involved in designing automobiles and aeroplanes.  He worked as an army officer who was responsible for transportation and, even prior to WWI, he was aware of the tactical use of aeroplanes.  However, he also made a lot of every day items such as signs, knockers, lamps, wax seals.  He was a professor in Vienna and a founding member of the Secession movement along with his contemporaries, Klimt, Kokoschka, and Kolo Moser.