Accessory Mascots

Animals - Cats:  Accessory Jaguar Mascot by Desmo.

Late 1940s.  This leaping Jaguar by Desmo was not intended for fitment on SS Jaguars or in fact any of the early Jaguar range, as is often claimed.  It was a modification on the one Desmo offered to Jaguar in 1936 for fitment to their cars, the offer was declined by Sir William Lyons, who asked the artist and sculptor F. Gordon Crosby to produce a fitting mascot more in keeping with the range.

As radiator caps became hidden within the engine bay, Desmo modified the base of their mascot with a cut out for cars with a full bonnet strip, the feet were now also brazed to the base and not bolted as they were previously, also supplied with red glass eyes. Marked Desmo Copyright around the base, finished in chrome plated brass.