German Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Adler 1900 to 1939.  1925 Favorit.

The two bottom pictures are for the Adler dated around 1925, the top picture dates that one at around the mid late 1930s.  The Adler company was known for the manufacture of bicycles and typewriters, transferring to building cars fitted with De Dion engines from 1900.  In 1902 they designed and fitted their own engines.  At the height of the company's popularity in 1914, one car in every five sold in Germany was an Adler.  In 1925 they introduced the 1.5 litre Favorit, a four cylinder model, it became the mainstay of the 1920s range.  Adler car production stopped in 1939 with the advent of war, although a post-war prototype was shown in 1948, no more cars were made.  Adler continued to make motorcycles until 1957 before ceasing trading.