German Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Stoewer 1896 to 1945.  1939 Stoewer Griffin.

1939 Stoewer griffin.  From 1858 to 1945 Stoewer made mainly sewing machines, typewriters, bicycles and cars.  The factory was in Stettin, the capital town in the former German province of Pommern.  In 1896 Stoewer divided into two totally independent companies, both of which bore the Stoewer family name.  They were not in competition as they manufactured different products.  One concentrated on sewing machines, typewriters and bicycles, the other on cars, lorries and buses.

Following World War II the city of Stettin became a part of Poland and was renamed Szczecin.  Only a small part of the factory was destroyed during the War and the Soviet Union dismantled the rest and moved the pieces to the USSR.  There was never a new start in West Germany and so the Stoewer history ended.  For more information regarding Stoewer please visit this site: