German Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Audi 1910 to 1939.  Number One Temperature Gauge.

This number one temperature gauge and badge are seen on the Audi 1929-1932 Zwickau and also the 1934-1939 type 225 Roadster, Cabriolet and Saloon.  Audi is not a product of the post WW2 period.  In fact, Audi Automobilwerk GmbH was formed in Zwickau in 1910 by August Horch.  He had been an employee of Benz & Cie.  Actually, his first car company had been A Horch & Cie, established in 1899.  The German word "horch" is linked to hearing and as he was not allowed to use his own name to form a rival company, he opted for the Latin derivative; horchen; "to listen".  In 1932, four German brands - Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer - formed an amalgamation known as Auto Union, the symbol of which was four circles connected in a line that are still used today.  By 1958, Mercedes-Benz had taken over the control of the company, only six years later Volkswagen bought the majority of Auto Union shares and the name was shortened to Audi and it is still going strong.