British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Jaguar 1945 to date.  1930s Airline Jaguar.

This accessory mascot is known as an Airline Jaguar & reportedly fitted to the SS1 Airline Saloons that were being built by the small British company SS Cars Ltd formed in 1933, owned & run by Sir William Lyons of Jaguar fame.  The Jaguar name was not applied to the cars until after the introduction of the SS100 in 1936, however it was only after the war that Sir William Lyons changed the name of the company from SS Cars Ltd to Jaguar Cars Ltd.  The mascot is made from brass & chrome plated, 7 inches long.  It was used by some enthusiasts on some SS models, but it was never approved as a standard mascot for the Jaguar range.  Shown is an advert from Beards of Cheltenham who were selling this mascot as an accessory, Beards sold most mascot produced by the Lejeune Company.