Glass Mascots

Sabino:  Leaping Gazelle.

1920s by Marius Sabino, Paris, France.  This is a superb example of the opalescent Art Deco glass produced by Sabino during the 1920s.  This car mascot depicts a beautiful leaping gazelle.  The mascot is shown mounted onto a glass-to-radiator-cap mount.  The piece is signed Sabino Paris along the bottom edge also on the bottom of the base.

It is said that Sabino's pre-war opalescent glass contained a higher arsenic content than most of his competitors, and also feels more "soapy" to the touch than post-war examples.  These mascots look superb when the sunlight shines though the glass, many hues of green through to orange can be seen - and this is the true beauty of fine opalescent glass.  This mascot was made up until a few years ago, however it did not have the arsenic content of the early ones.