British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  The Royal Mascots.  Silver Lion.

A lion mascot standing on a rock tail out stretched and head set at an angle.  Silver plated on bronze, it stands 5.5 inches high and 8 inches long.  There is no artists' name visible, however an indistinct, double named jeweller of 'Piccadilly W' (London) can be seen engraved on the base.  This mascot was given to Mr Redwood, who was The Queen Mother's head chauffeur, upon his retirement in 1974.  The mascot was first used by King George VI, and can be seen  in Brian Smith's book, The Royal Daimlers, fitted to King George's Daimler State Landaulette in 1939,(page 280) and also on a Daimler in 1936, (page 244).  After the Kings death in 1952, The Queen Mother adopted the mascot as her own and it was fitted to the Queen Mother's Hooper-bodied Daimler DK 400 limousine, NLT 2.  This mascot was sold at auction by Coys of Kensington London in 2003 and has now been reunited with one of Her Majesty's Daimler cars and is now in private hands. The cars NLT 2 registration mark has been changed to BLN416H.