Accessory Mascots

Animals - Birds:  1920's Bouraine Bird With Ivory Beak.

This is one of the all time greats from one of the master sculptors Marcel André Bouraine, a true Art Deco designed piece.  The mascot is finished in bronze with its original green patination and original undamaged ivory beak.  The detailing on this piece is wonderful and it is so rare to find ivory incorporated into an old mascot, but not only that, it also has the extremely rare and original two-tone coloured glass eyes.  Unfortunately very often these rare and beautiful mascots are found with the ivory split and cracked and the glass eyes replaced with beads.  After 1925 these mascots were produced with inferior enamel eyes.  The AG Paris France foundry stamping and A Bouraine signature are clearly shown to the side of the base.  Shown in the 1920's French catalogue Auto Omnia this mascot sold for 302.50 francs, which was an incredible sum of money at the time.