Accessory Mascots

Male Figures:  1920s Phineas Maclino.

1920s Phineas Maclino, taking a pinch of snuff from a Scottish snuff muff.  This figure was adopted by the University College Hospital in London as their mascot.  The original Phineas Maclino, was a wooden tobacconist's sign of a kilted Jacobite Highlander purloined from outside a shop in Tottenham Court Road during the celebrations of the Relief of Ladysmith in 1900, by UCL's deadly enemies, King's College in the Strand.  Marked around the base PHINEAS MASCOT of U.C.L and U.C.H.  On the underside of the base is inscribed "Original figure property of Catesbys ltd".  Nickel or chrome plated brass, 6.5 to 7 inches tall.